Let your business card grow with you
  • Smaller size, way more information

    Kartus is 60% smaller than a traditional business card. But thanks to the embedded QR-Code and NFC-Tag it can store much more information

  • Your Brand expressed as never before

    You can create your own Kartus with our editor. You can choose from wide range of colors and options to make the Kartus truly yours

  • Connected and Always-Online

    Kartus is fully connected to our Platform. You can specify which information is stored on each Kartus at any point of time. The information on Kartus is never outdated

  • Offering Insides

    Kartus is collecting analytics, so you can actually see how people use your Kartus

  • Interested in getting your own Kartus and exploring more features? Drop us a line

    Kartus is a project of Ushakov Inc. Currently under Limited Availability and in Beta. We are shipping worldwide with FedEx. The actual sizes may not correspond to the illustration.